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Strategic Plan
To advance the success of women lawyers and strive for a just society.

COMMUNITY: A strong community of women lawyers throughout Minnesota is essential to achieve equality in the legal profession and the administration of justice.

EQUALITY: We advocate for the full equality of women lawyers and promote initiatives that eliminate discrimination.

LEADERSHIP: We affirm the importance of developing and supporting women lawyers in leadership roles.

CELEBRATION: We celebrate the individual and collective achievements of women lawyers.

DIVERSITY: We all benefit from promoting and valuing diversity in its many forms.

LEARNING: Women lawyers face common opportunities and challenges and can learn from one another.

ENGAGEMENT: The practice of law is enriched when women lawyers fully participate in the lives of their families and communities.

In the coming years, MWL will take deliberate action to elevate the status and position of women lawyers both individually and systemically. MWL will leverage its strengths and reputation to be the best authority on information and strategies to help women lawyers succeed. Core programs will continue to provide high quality mentoring, networking, and educational opportunities, and will celebrate the success of women leaders in the profession. MWL will also seek out opportunities to encourage the development of young women as future leaders, strive for the equality of all women under the law and promote a more just society. MWL will ensure that all activities and programs are focused on the work that will have the greatest mission impact.


STRATEGIC GOAL A: Fundamentally elevate the status and position of women in the legal profession.

1. Be a resource for baseline information and research on the current position of women in the profession as well as the state of the legal profession for women. Use the information to advocate for positive change.
2. Create a President’s Leadership Circle comprised of top leaders in the legal profession to collaborate with MWL to advance our mission. Leverage this partnership to further impact the profession.
3. Promote MWL members as experts on timely and important issues to reinforce the image of women as leaders.
4. Position MWL as the best source on issues related to our mission for members of the community, (e.g. media, businesses, law faculty.)
5. Increase the visibility and influence of MWL within the national community of women lawyers.

STRATEGIC GOAL B: Facilitate the success and leadership of women in the law.

1. Position MWL as the best source for women lawyers at all career stages and in all types of careers, as it relates to their advancement in the profession.
2. Provide opportunities for effective networking to help women lawyers and law students grow their professional connections.
3. Expand and enhance MWL’s mentoring programs for women attorneys and law students.
4. Continue to develop seminars that advance the abilities of women lawyers (e.g. marketing, leadership, self-promotion, etc.) and offer CLE credit when appropriate.
5. Offer services and resources to support law students in successfully entering the profession.
6. Develop and implement strategies for women lawyers to secure positions on nonprofit and for profit boards of directors.

STRATEGIC GOAL C: Increase member access to MWL.

1. Research, develop and implement ways to leverage technology to effectively communicate with and serve MWL members.
2. Strengthen MWL’s presence throughout the state by supporting current chapters and working with members to create new chapters.
3. Hold MWL events and programs in a variety of geographic locations.

STRATEGIC GOAL D: Build the diversity of MWL membership.

1. Ensure MWL at all levels reflects the diversity of women in the profession.
2. Increase MWL’s membership among women lawyers in underdeveloped membership areas, including the corporate setting, public attorneys, academia, and those in non-traditional legal careers.
3. Increase MWL’s membership among women of color, diverse ethnic groups and the LGBT community.
4. On an annual basis, evaluate MWL’s policies, leadership recruitment practices and member services to ensure that we provide offerings that are of value and interest to the diversity of women in the profession (women of color, practice areas, practice types, geography, LGBT community, etc.

STRATEGIC GOAL E: Develop and implement social action initiatives that advance MWL’s mission.

1. Define MWL’s social action goals and guidelines and align MWL’s committees with them. Continue to evaluate on an annual basis.


GOAL A: Evaluate MWL’s organizational structure and align it with the strategic plan.

1. Evaluate the overall effectiveness of MWL’s organizational structure, as well as the mission impact of MWL’s committee structure and activities. Ensure all MWL activities are aligned with the organization’s mission and strategic plan. Continue to evaluate on an annual basis, prior to the President-Elect making leadership appointments for the coming fiscal year.
2. Ensure MWL’s resources are devoted to activities with the greatest mission impact by utilizing the strategic plan as a tool for guiding the decision-making processes related to association activities.
3. Evaluate staffing needs and develop a plan to increase administrative capacity and enable MWL to advance the mission and strategic plan.

GOAL B: Increase MWL’s fundraising capacity.

1. Evaluate the potential for significantly increasing MWL’s contributed income from individuals and legal employers.
2. Consider opportunities to develop non-legal employer or non-member sources of revenue.
3. Develop and implement a comprehensive fundraising and development plan.

GOAL C: Increase MWL’s capacity to leverage technology to serve members and advance the mission.

1. Research, develop and implement ways to leverage technology to effectively communicate with and serve MWL members throughout the state.
2. On an annual basis, evaluate MWL’s website to ensure it helps to advance MWL’s strategic plan, is informative, accessible, visually appealing, and both cost and time effective.
3 Develop a long term technology plan, so MWL is well positioned to utilize resources as new technologies become available and able to use these technologies to advance the goals of the strategic plan.

GOAL D: Increase the visibility of MWL through improved communications and branding.

1. Develop and implement a comprehensive communications plan, which identifies the most effective means of communicating with our membership, the legal community, and the community at large.
2. Develop and implement a comprehensive marketing plan.

Minnesota Women Lawyers
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Minneapolis, MN 55402

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